Home Staging Guide – Infographic

Making the decision to put your property up for sale is a big one and something that cannot be taken lightly. Whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, it really doesn’t matter as you simply cannot underestimate the importance of a good home staging. Properly showcasing your property will help to ensure that it’s presented in the best light possible for prospective purchasers. Purchasers want to visit your home and be able to picture themselves in the property; they don’t want to be reminded of you living there if at all possible so it needs to be really well presented in a neutral way.

Home staging does not just happen; it definitely does require effort and it doesn’t simply begin and end at a deep clean of the property. Home staging definitely means giving your property a thorough clean but it also should be decluttered of any excess and unwanted items. Clutter only takes up valuable space for people and removing it will likely open up new areas of your home that even you weren’t aware of! It’s also the perfect opportunity to get rid of items that you probably don’t need or use anymore so it will make your eventual move out of the property even easier too.

Cleaning and decluttering won’t require any cash outlay. While we don’t recommend spending huge swathes of money on upgrading your property overall, it is a good idea to take this opportunity to mend and fix anything that is quite obvious. For example, if there are holes in a carpet or marks on a wall, it will make a good impression to have those fixed. Consider it from your own side in that if you entered a home staging and the carpets were very worn and the walls were damaged, it might be a deterrent to make an offer to buy. However, changing things for aesthetic purposes, for example putting in a whole new kitchen might not be the best idea as it’s a large expense and the new owners may not even like it thus it would be a waste of money. Again, deep cleaning of everything will go a long way for your home staging.

The guys at EZ Living have put together an interesting infographic that hopefully will help you to set up a fruitful home staging and blow your viewing attendees away! In the graphic you’ll learn some eye opening statistics about home staging and why it’s so vital to take it seriously; it also details a number of staging tips, going through the main rooms of the home to give you an easy guide and it also highlights some top expert tips to set you on your way plus lots more! Check out the full infographic below.

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