Advice On Defining Your Brand And Branding

The first three big names you can think of in the business world are all brands. They stand out in the crowd, their catch phrase is on the tip of your tongue, and you know exactly what they have to offer. That is how branding works! Your company needs a certain image, which has the power to incorporate a person’s mind and let them visualize it with eyes closed. A brand is much more than a fetching name or cleverly designed logo; it is your reputation shaped through client feedback or customer reviews.

Brand building comes with a thorough set of rules and guidelines that you must follow to achieve success. First of all your business should reflect consistency in how it operates. All the products you present must fall into the same category. For example, if your focus is ‘Women Fashion’, it allows you to sell wearables like dresses, jackets, shoes, hand bags, jewelry etc. You cannot go ahead and add anomalies like car accessories or school stationary to your catalogue. Entrepreneurs that tend to work with a dozen unrelated products fail to embody a concrete concept for their company, and attempts at branding turn to disaster.

The initial tasks for defining your brand are as follows:

  • Coming up with an original name that resonates with your deliverables
  • Registering a logo that matches the name of your company
  • Creating a slogan or tagline that promotes your objective in a positive and witty manner
  • Establishing a theme for your product line
  • Developing an online presence (preferably a personalized website)

Once you have given a face to your business and decided on how you want the public to perceive it, it is time to deliver what you promised. Does the product comply with your virtual illustration, or what you say about it? Let us assume that you claim to be selling genuine leather boots, or 100% cotton bed sheets. If you deliver synthetic leather, or poly cotton (mixed with nylon) instead, the recipient will not be happy. Fraud and deceive are a fatal blow to branding and should be avoided at all costs if you really want to make a name for yourself in the market.

Advertising is crucial for getting noticed among the flock of competitors, and needs to be done right. Many startups that were doing most of the basics right, failed with advertising despite investing millions of dollars. Instead of boosting their sales, it resulted in a downfall as several previous customers discontinued purchasing from them. It is very easy to offend someone in these modern times, so be very cautious with your statements. The success of your ad campaign is not proportional to the money you spend. It is smart and out of the box content that will make heads turn.

In order to generate an ad that is capable to support your brand, you must know what potential customers or clients are looking for. The voice and visuals of your advertisement must be ethical, relatable, and interesting at the same time. The medium you choose for publishing your ad will also have a great impact on the extent of its reach. Social media is the most convenient and effective option, but newspapers, television and billboards are powerful too. If you do not have a big budget, sticking to internet marketing is the best option.

When you have sold several items and received some positive feedback, you are ready to go one step further. You need to develop strategies to attract new customers, while converting previous customers into loyal ones. You shall establish an efficient customer support system to resolve any issues they might face in relation to your product or services. Construct an emotional relationship by appreciating the clients you already have and embracing ideas that will influence a larger audience.

As we all know, mother earth is neck deep in environmental problems right now. Many organizations have adopted a green persona to show how much they care for preserving our surroundings to their original and healthy state. It implies that they boycott the usage of any substances that can harm the environment, and that is an immensely desirable trait.

Many celebrities are part of various environmental movements, so it will help you make connections with important people. If you can get any famous personality to endorse your product, that will be a forceful push to your sales and brand recognition. Other subjects that can win you a lot of attention include feminism, equity, animal rights, child labor, women education, and support for the LGBT community.

After people start to acknowledge your brand and you have secured a sizable fan base, you have to maintain your image and exceed expectations. You will have to strive among your competitors and regularly bring something unique to the table. You must have something they don’t, or what you have must be superior in quality, yet reasonable in price. Your strength and zeal is supposed to go beyond a façade and reflect in your brand ambassadors, which includes all of your employees. Branding works best when you remain true to your values until the end, and only make changes for improvement.

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