5 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home

In certain situations, all of us consider moving away to a new place and starting over. Sure, it’s a huge call to make; but also something that’ll probably be beneficial, if you feel like you could use a change in your surroundings. And if you’re certain that your relocation is permanent, you’ll likely be looking to sell your home and buy another one in the new locale. While that’s a perfectly fine sentiment; know that preparing your home for a sale and finding the right buyers can be a cumbersome process. Making sure that your house has the most appeal is not an easy task. Don’t worry, though; we’ll give you a couple of home staging tips to make sure you can sell your house as easily as possible!

Why is home staging important?

There are more than a few real estate trends that dictate the market conditions in any given area. With that in mind, you may be looking at a buyers’ or sellers’ market; and will have to adjust the valuation of your house accordingly. However, while these market conditions fluctuate, there are certain things that remain true regardless of when and how you’re selling a house. And one of them is this – home staging is an immensely important part of any successful household sale. Regardless of how good a state your house is in objectively; if you want to attract the most buyers possible, you will need to give it some sprucing up.

And that’s true even if you keep your home impeccably clean. To anyone who’s visiting it from the outside, the house will definitely seem lived in. And while that may not seem like an objectively bad thing; from the buyers’ perspective, it usually is. All relevant market research points to the fact that all buyers want to buy a home that’s completely their own. If they feel like they’re buying someone else’s household, the buyers will be far more likely to choose another home to invest in.


So, keeping all of this in mind, what’s the first step you need to take towards proper home staging? If you ask us, some decluttering will definitely be needed. This should be a major priority for you as you prepare to show your home to prospective buyers. So, take care to make an inventory of all the household items you have. And then, consider what you will be getting rid of before moving to a new home, and what you’ll be keeping.

As for the former items, there are still ways in which they can be useful. For example, you could donate them to people in need, or organize a yard sale to make a tidy profit and put a dent in your overall expenses. Once you finish dealing with this, though; think about hiring a cleaning company to truly make your home shine and seem brand new. You want your refrigerator to be spotless, as well as your bathroom and kitchen counters. The carpeting will need some thorough cleaning too. And crucially – don’t forget to get rid of any odors around the house. Yes, that may mean moving your pet’s litter box to the garage.

Consider The Lighting

Make sure that your furniture is arranged properly before your buyers arrive. With that in mind, you want all of the pieces in the room to be away from the windows, so buyers can have a clear outlook through the windows and into your yard. Plus, avoid blocking out natural light with heavy draperies or other furniture pieces. In tandem, think about removing area rugs; you want to show off your ceramic tiles or hardwood floors, not hide them beneath layers of textile.


When we talked about decluttering your household for home staging, we didn’t just mean it in a superficial sense. If you’ve got too many furniture pieces, every room will seem smaller than it really is. So, before you show off your home, make sure to get rid of any extra tables or chairs that you don’t really use. Sure, this may be a bit difficult – but there are a couple of general rules to follow in order to simplify the process. You should have less than three things on all surfaces and tabletops; while all small items are supposed to be stored somewhere. If you follow these simple instructions, even an objectively small room will seem quite spacious and bright.

Curb Appeal Matters

Obviously, the impression your house leaves in the very beginning is incredibly important. As the adage goes, there’s no second chance at a first impression. Sure, people visit Facebook every day, and discover homes for sale there; but the first real-life look is what counts. With that in mind, you want your home and the surrounding yard to captivate buyers from the minute they have it in their sights. So, clean all of your windows until they’re utterly sparkly. Also, weed all of your flowerbeds, and trim any shrubbery into appealing forms.

Empty The Closets

Lastly, and as unimportant as this may seem – cleaning out your closets is crucial for home staging. Take all of your empty boxes out of the closet, and store any seasonal clothing in off-site storage. Also, if you have a walk-in closet, give it a good cleaning – and make sure that all of the lighting inside works perfectly.


As you may have realized, home staging means taking care of many details that you haven’t necessarily thought about before. However, the effort you put into this process definitely pays off, as it highly increases the chance of quality buyers assessing your home!

About the author

Nathaniel Reed is a freelance economics author, mostly discussing market conditions in real estate and in the moving industry. When he’s not writing about moving companies like Preferred Movers North Hampton, he is an avid basketball player.

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