18 Creative Photography Ideas for Beginners

As a beginner photographer with brand new photography gear, you are probably more than excited about taking photos and joining a world of art. However, after some time and hundreds of photos, many beginner photographers get stuck and it seems too difficult to come up with photography ideas. After all, there are only so many photos we can take of our garden, our friends, animals and similar. So, when the inspiration is gone, what should you take pictures of? Do not worry; this happens to every artist, not just to photographers. You are just beginning and all you have to do is to find some inspiration. Thus, without further ado, here is a list of 18 creative photography ideas for beginners.

1. Switch From Portraits to Crowds

Just like most photographers, you probably started your career by taking pictures of different people. So, now, try taking photos of a bunch of people in the same place, that is, of a crowd. Look for interesting places, usually occupied by a lot of people; find specific individuals in that crowd, capture the movement. That is the best way to take a photo that will tell a story. For instance, take a look at these 5 photographers who captured the soul of NYC.

2. Capture Moving Vehicles

If you think that you lack color in your photos, try this method of capturing moving vehicles. It is best to take these kinds of pictures during the night, as it is then when the colors really pop. This is not going to be that easy and it takes a lot of practice. But, do not back out. Once you take that perfect photo, it will all be worth it.

3. Take Advantage of Those City Lights

City lights have always been a great source of inspiration for many photographers. So, pack your camera and go to a place that is really alive at night. Try to take photos of not only city lights, but of everything going on around them. For example, combine the billboards with moving vehicles, street lights and people walking by.

There is something truly mesmerizing in the photos of the city lights.

4. Sunrises

It is maybe a cliche, but taking pictures of sunrises is always a good idea. It is breathtaking, beautiful, and inspiring not only to you but to the majority of people. However, do not take photos of sunrises from your bedroom window. Be creative, go to some beautiful place during the night, and be ready at dawn.

5. Sunsets

Same as sunrises, there is not a person in the world that is not inspired by a beautiful sunset. All is calm, the colors are mixing, you can still see both the sun and the moon. Again, be prepared for sunsets. They only last for a couple of minutes. Do not limit yourself to photos of the sky. Try capturing nature or people – even architecture during the sunset.

6. Carnivals and Funfairs

Similar to moving vehicles and city lights, carnivals too can add a lot of color to your photos. However, when taking photos of carnivals or any kind of funfairs, try to incorporate the people, especially the children. Capture their happiness. These kinds of events are great for getting inspired.

Try capturing all the happiness the carnival usually brings.

7. Interesting People

Previously, we mentioned taking photos of a crowd, but there is nothing wrong with taking photos of a person or two. But, do not stop at portraits. Try to find interesting people doing everyday things. Capture their stories, their life.

8. Animals

When you master taking photos of people, turn to animals. This can be a bit more difficult as animals tend to move a lot. So, be armed with patience and do not give up if you can not take a perfect photo just yet. This takes practice. If you want to make your photos unique, try capturing their eyes and their looks when performing different actions.

9. Go Deep Into The Woodland

Woods and secluded naturalistic spots are the best places to boost your creativity. And, there is room for all styles, lights, and positions. Take advantage of those branches with their veins of leaves twisting and twirling into the sky, but also the old barks and trunks and try to capture the wilderness and calmness. Go the woodland during the day, as using the flash during the night will look too artificial.

Make your woodland photo look mystic.

10. Water

Taking photos of water is always a good idea. You can get inspired by the scenery, the sounds of the waves, and by everything that happens around the water. Also, there is something about the water that makes it both calming and bloodcurdling. And, you will have plenty of sources – oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, fountains, pools, etc. Moreover, whenever you travel, take your camera with you, you will be surprised how many great spots you will come across. Be sure to learn some easy travel photography tips before you go too!

11. Your Own Children

Many photographers get the most creative and most inspired by their own children. This is because all parents believe that their children make perfect subjects. You can take photos of your child doing everyday stuff, or you can play around with different costumes or setups. You, as a photographer, should capture their energy and temperament when they are happy, worried, excited, etc.

When taking photos of children, focus on those intimate moments more.

12. Cobweb

You can not see those really unique cobwebs just anywhere, and you can certainly not see them with your naked eye. So, where does one find those cobwebs? In the early morning and late evenings. With just enough amount of mist and proper lights, your camera will be able to catch perfect cobwebs just anywhere.

13. Somebody’s Workplace

As mentioned many times before, people love photos that have a story behind them. So, for example, take a photo of somebody’s desktop. It can be anybody’s desktop or place of work. Use artists, copywriters, silversmiths, welders, anybody! Make it as it is, make those tabletops and workplaces come to life.

14. Reflections

Reflections, if photographed properly, can make mesmerizing photos. However, to make it look perfect, you will need a lot of practice. Also, there are many factors to take into consideration like lightning, time of the day, fog, distance, etc. The more you try, the better chances you have of taking that perfect photo.

15. Fire

There is something strange about the fire. It is both scary and majestic. But, that is the beauty of it. Its strangeness is the most beautiful thing about it. So, the next time you and your friends go camping, bring your camera with you.

16. Snowy Fairytale

Well, who does not like that idea of snow-covered surfaces and Christmas lights on every window. It truly is magical! This can spark creativity in almost every person alive. Thus, wake the child in you, and take advantage of that first snow falling in your city.

17. Windmills

Windmills are another thing you can practice your creativity on. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have them in your city or country. Just imagine all that nature, greenery, strong winds, combined with huge man-made machinery.

Try capturing windmills on a nice spring day.

18. Stars

Wait for the night to fall and then go outside. Look up! Stars can be magnificent on a summer night. If you live in a big city with lots of city lights, it will be difficult to capture the stars. So, visit the countryside if you have that ability. You will be surprised how breathtaking stars can look.

About the author

Angie Colla has been working for a moving company spydermoving.com for the last 6 years. She specializes in international relocations. She is also a full-time mom and a part-time freelance photographer. You can see her work on social media.

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