How To Advertise Your Real Estate Business Online

The real estate market is not what you would call a stable one. It goes through many ups and downs and it varies a lot. It depends on many factors such as economic conditions, demand, job growth, and interest rates. The way the market stands at the moment – anyone who wants to be in this business has a chance to prosper by using some of the many strategies of marketing. So, if you’re wondering how to advertise your real estate business online, read on. You will find out what are the strategies that pros use to propel their businesses forward and how you can use them to your advantage.

Find out who your target market is

The first thing that you want to do when coming up with a marketing strategy is to determine who your target market is. There are several paths that you can follow. Many successful real estate brokers focus on a niche market so that they can prosper the most. This way, you’ll get the idea of what you should look for in the market, what the risks are, as well as if it is worth committing to in the long term.

For instance, a good real estate broker can find out about the details of new projects that are planned. Accordingly, he or she can change or adapt its marketing strategy.

Finding the right target market is the first and crucial step in digital marketing.

Set your budget for marketing

Another big factor when trying to advertise your real estate business online is to make a marketing budget and be determined to stick to it. 

Now, there are hundreds of ways to spend your money on marketing. There are real estate websites, postal marketing, social media marketing, and of course, email marketing. Yet, you need to choose which path you are going to follow to achieve awareness about your real estate brand. And you need to determine that based on your target audience.

Create a website and social media accounts

These days, you practically do not exist until you are on the internet. Because of that, you need to establish your presence with a professional website and dedicated accounts on social media. Of course, you don’t have to make an account on every platform there is. The most important ones are Twitter, Facebook, and of course, LinkedIn. All of these sites have the potential for an incredible outreach and they are relatively inexpensive.

When you want to advertise your real estate business online the social media is the most important thing.

Encourage online referrals and word of mouth

Almost all of the successful real estate brokers rely on referrals from previous customers to help them generate a new deal. And there is nothing strange in that. This is the most valued thing by either buyer or seller. You can set up a referral system on your website, so your satisfied customers can share their experiences with everyone else. 

Now, we know that the accent here is on internet advertisement, but even in the modern age word of mouth is always your friend. Many new customers are much more comfortable with choosing a real estate agent that their friends referred them to than hiring someone who they know nothing about. It’s also a good idea to boost your approach by offering referral bonuses.

Respond as fast as you can

We can sometimes be lazy and let that email wait for a while before we respond to it. But the world is moving faster now than it has ever moved before. And because of this, it is crucial to respond to potential customers’ questions and queries as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will risk losing a deal.

Be sure to have access to business email via your smartphone at all times and use that access. Also, use access to Facebook and respond to messages there too, since people do visit Facebook every day. In this business, there is no such thing as answering tomorrow – tomorrow will be one day too late. Being quick to respond will add to your credibility and help to build your reputation.

Explain to people why they need a real estate agent – Disintermediation marketing

There is a significant number of potential customers who wonder if they really need a real estate agent. The name of this mindset is disintermediation, and there is a marketing strategy named after it. The thing about it is that it targets these types of people in particular, and the idea is to convince them of the value of professional help.

The best way to educate your new customers is via your website. Make a page designated to this. Explain all the advantages of hiring a real estate agent and raise awareness about the pitfalls that they’ll encounter if they try to do it on their own.

Explaining to your customers why exactly they need you may result in a much higher number of deals.

Build a blog when trying to advertise your real estate business online

A blog is always a good addition to your website. Create content that will be both engaging and optimized for SEO. This will ensure that your posts show up in search every time, so it is a great way to generate a lot of traffic on your site. Use tools like Google Analytics to help you find the search terms that your target audience is looking for the most.

Make your website easy to navigate through and link it to all of your social media profiles. This way, your customers will have access to everything in one place. Another thing that is important when you want to advertise your real estate business online is to create and use interesting images for your posts. Infographics are a really nice addition to any post or email.

About the author

Nick Tolbert is a journalist, born and raised in Miami. He has written columns for many local newspapers through the years and was a reporter on the field for a local TV station. He also worked on a marketing campaign for Pro Movers Miami, which gave great results. Nowadays, he’s writing his first novel. When he isn’t busy writing or reading he loves to cycle, swim or simply walk on the sandy beaches of Miami with his wife and two kids.

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