Real Estate Trends That Are Changing The Industry

The real estate industry is based on some old-school ‘rules’ that are definitely very important if you want to be successful. However, like in any business, changes and transformation happen all the time and slightly modify the way this industry works. Luckily, many of these changes are good and should be accepted and practiced so as to improve the seller and buyer experience. Here are the most important real estate trends that are changing the industry – which you should definitely prepare for.

Consumer demand is different

Until recently, consumer demand was based on the size of the space. However, these needs are being replaced by a very different trend. Buyers are looking for a space that is well-organized and functional. The young generation that is starting to buy properties nowadays is looking for a space that not only provides the basics but gives more options for living, working and having fun. Recently, the size of space has been pushed back and in favor of the functionality of the space. Millennials will choose a smaller unit to live in while working in the city much rather than a spacious mansion outside the city. Interestingly, this shift is happening with the retirees, too – they want to be closer to the city and have more things available to enjoy while retired.

Mobile-friendly is the new black

Everything has shifted to smartphones. Whether you are learning a language, shopping, buying cinema tickets – you do it on your smartphone. People do a lot of background checks online before they buy something, look for ‘near me’ services and shops, read reviews and use shopping apps. The same trend is happening in the real estate industry, too. This means that real estate agents and sellers need to focus on online marketing and improve their marketing game on social media. Furthermore, it’s very important to make your website mobile-friendly so it becomes more attractive to potential buyers.

Online game is essential

When talking about online presence, it’s not only about smartphones and social networks. The real estate trends that are changing the industry are bringing the quality of online presence into focus. It means that websites need to be improved, offering high-quality images and information. They need to be fast and include additional features – video or 3D. Websites need to be attractive to the visitors and give them the ultimate experience when browsing properties. The more attractive the website is, the more engagement it will get and therefore improve its SEO.

Political trends are among the real estate trends that are changing the industry

Things that happen in worldwide politics and legislative systems can definitely influence the real estate trends that are changing the industry. Particularly, Brexit, TCJA, and similar events are not helping the certainty of the real estate market. Because the results of these events are still unknown, companies are not sure when and where they should purchase their office space. Investors are still thinking about making the right moves in the real estate industry and less office and residential space is being sold.

Real estate design trends are changing too

Designers are running away from greys and modern, cool tones. Real estate design trends are changing towards a more natural tone. Greens and browns are the main colors which serve to create a harmonious and nature-like atmosphere. Wooden elements, plants, and trees will be the main design trend in the future.

Vertical dedvelopment

Vertical development is one of the real estate trends that are changing the industry because of its multiple benefits. Firstly, it’s environmentally friendly, which has become increasingly important over the years. It also helps with the growing population, offering more space while taking less land at the same time. Finally, it reduces commute time, by offering more facilities that are close to each other – which saves time and also reduces pollution.

Auction for rent

Giving your best offer is not only important when buying homes. Auctions have become reality when searching for an apartment for rent, too. Landlords advertise a price that they think is the real one – however, potential tenants would auction and give their best offers so they bid on the rent. This way of choosing tenants will make sure that the one who offers the most is the one who is most interested and enthusiastic about the property.

Buying, selling, and relocation

Selling and buying property often involves relocation. The same way people should deal with buying real estate – by making smart moves – they should plan their relocation process. For a safe and quick-moving process, you should:

  • Plan your move in advance. Once you decide to buy a new home, start planning your relocation, too. Think about the space you’re moving into and the way you should pack and organize your new home.
  • Work with professionals. Don’t hire an unreliable moving company. Make sure you put someone who really knows the moving business in charge of your home and items. Professional movers know how to deal with specific items and challenging living or office spaces. This way you’ll avoid damage and additional costs.
  • Not overpack. Moving is the perfect chance to get rid of the things that have been cluttering your old home. Give yourself more space for new things and a fresh start.

Whether you are buying or selling properties – it’s important to take a look at the real estate trends that are changing the industry. Being informed about these makes you ready for successful purchases and gives you an advantage over competitors.

About the author

Maria is a teacher who enjoys writing blog posts on different topics. Her passion is traveling and home décor. Therefore, she enjoys writing relocation-related blog posts for professional moving companies like Moving of America – NJ Movers. Furthermore, her free time is usually spent browsing social media sites and social-media related articles.

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