All There’s to Know About Real Estate Branding

There are plenty of real estate companies and even more individual realtors out there trying to sell or rent properties. As one of them, how can you differentiate yourself among such a competition? Of course, the quality of your services will speak for itself but what about the future potential clients who search for a new realtor? As tough as it sounds, clients often take as little as half a second to decide whether they’ll look closer into a business or not. In other words, you have half a second to make a great first impression and convince potential buyers to schedule a viewing.

What exactly is branding though? Branding can be defined as the action and practice of forming and improving a brand. A brand, however, is your clients’ perception of your business. You shape that perception using elements such as logo design, stationery design, packaging, web design, etc. Elements that your clients are able to notice and evaluate within that half-second.

Real estate typography

The fonts and colors used in the mentioned branding elements matter a lot. They matter so much that you can notice design trends among the industry leaders. For example, many real estate companies rebrand themselves to show a more modern look and appeal to the younger generation.

Modern-looking fonts are called sans-serif fonts. The letters are a lot simpler than serif as they do not include extending features, also called feet, at the end of the strokes. Serif fonts, typography with the mentioned features, tend to present a more traditional and conservative look. This used to be great in the past when real estate companies wanted to be perceived as long-lasting, with history and years of experience.

Nowadays, however, clients search for realtors who can serve their new needs, sell smart houses and understand the new generation’s mindset. A realtor with a serif font probably wouldn’t be a young couple’s first choice to contact.

Another reason for these trends is the fact all brands need to adjust to various screens. In comparison to a banner, a realty logo will look extremely tiny on a smartphone. Consequently, it can’t include a lot of elements because it will simply become unreadable. The fewer details, the less chaos. And after all, real estate tries to present an exciting but calm character. Purchasing a property should be in no way associated with chaos or panic.

White, red, black and blue

Colors, naturally, matter as much as the typography. Have you ever seen a real estate business with a pink logo design? Or bright yellow? Sounds a little weird if you think about it, doesn’t it? Real estate companies want to be eye-catching but not at the cost of looking ridiculous or losing their business values. Realtors want to inspire trust, professionalism, calmness but also readiness to take action.

Some of the most popular colors used for real estate business branding are white, red, black and blue. Most of the time, a logo design only features a combination of two colors. A bit less frequently you will see companies using three colors at the same time. But why those four shades? White is pure, black is sophisticated, red leads to action and blue stands for security and trustworthiness. To be safe, brands often limit themselves to these colors. But is it necessary to resign from green, for example? That’s up to you!

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