Inspiring Collection from the School of Posters

The Poster Museum

The Poster Museum in Warsaw was opened in 1968, on the day of the 2nd International Poster Biennale. It was the first poster museum in the world to ever open its doors.

The museum still operates. The current collection consists of around 61000 posters from all around the globe. That includes Polish and European as well as American, Chinese and Japanese ones. The collection also features works by well-known artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and artists from the Polish School of Posters.

Not all of the works come from the past. Indeed, many are from the end of the nineteenth century. However, some works featured in the present collection were completed relatively recently or are even currently used on daily basis.

Polish School of Posters

Polish School of Posters was a term used to describe a group of Polish poster artists who gained international recognition with their exceptional skills. The Polish School of Posters significantly influenced the development of graphic design.

The style varied between each designer. However, as a school, they presented some common characteristics: conciseness, irony and innovative typography. The style was also described to be independent and intelligent.


Have a look at the gallery below. All the works are part of The Poster Museum’s collection.



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